Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things Made and Eaten

One of these things is not like the other, meaning that I made all of them, but one never got eaten. Okay, I didn't exactly "make' the apple either, but I picked it. That's right..I went apple picking for the first time ever this past weekend. It was splendid, and the weather was perfect...I don't think I've had this enjoyable of a day in months! Look how pristine that apple is!
This is the baby swing seat that I made on commission - I got the check for it in the mail the other day and I am still super psyched about the whole experience. Speaking of selling things, I brought a bunch of the scarves I'd been working on to Wolfbait& B Girls last week, and they have them in their front window! Woo Hoo! Now get in there and buy them! Or contact me directly!

And here are the two things I actually did make and eat...this was a sweet cherry bread, perfectly crisp and delicious when warm...mmmmmm!!!
And this is salsa made from tomatoes straight from our own garden!!Get ready for a Halloween party post soon!!! I just finished frosting some sweet looking cupcakes (including a pirate pumpkin)!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Loving Everything Equally

I am enamored with the emails I get from storypeople every day. They are usually a little bright spot in my inbox. I really loved the story open heart the other day, and it turns out my sister did too, so I think I need to share it:

He told me one time he forgot himself & his heart
opened up like a door with a loose latch & he tried
for days to put it all back in proper order but finally
he gave up & left it all jumbled up there in a pile
& loved everything equally.

[Here is a picture of a heart, just for show...] [via metrohealth]
[and here is a picture of a heart latch, because it fits the theme of this post, and it is pretty sweet itself] [via Van Dyke's Restorers]

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anti. (And Quilts)

But not anti-quilt.

I have been feeling extremely anti-consumer lately. My motto as of late has become "simplify." I saw this picture, and I just had to post it. There were rumors that Banksy was behind it, which is doubtful. But I do still love both Banksy and the billboard.
Picture by sepultura [via the girl in the green dress]
That being said, I will now show a quilt I completed for my friend Amy in New York earlier this year. When I asked her for some inspiration, she said she wanted primary colors, so primary colors she got - I aim to please.
More quilt posts coming soon!