Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unintentional Urban Art (and some Urban Camoflage

I found some unintentional urban art on the street the other morning - I happened upon one of those mailing labels that are often tagged and then stuck up near the El or on newspaper boxes. I initially thought someone had done a little watercolor or drawn some cool spots on it, but it turns out that some rain from the night before had collected on the surface. I like the result!

While searching The Girl in the Green Dress the other day, I came upon this hilarious urban camoflage post! I trie googling it to find some other fun images like this, but a lot of the others involve intricately painted suits designed to blend into the background surroundings. I didn't like them as much - these below are more fun.
I've got Rosemary biscuits baking in the oven right now...I'll let you know how they were shortly!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hot off the Presses

Yesterday morning I finished a quilt for my friend Soraya. It is predominantly turquoise, gold, and black, as requested. I aim to please. :-) I machine quilted it around the insides of each patch and then did a zig-zag shape down the middle of the bigger pieces to conform with the stitching directions for the batting I was using.

I called the quilt Black Hills Gold. I was at a loss for a name so I typed "black turquoise gold name" (probably without the quotes) into the great Googley Moogley and the result was a page about the properties of this type of jewelery, which while it contains rose colors, seemed the most fitting.

I also recently started making pilowcases for the ConKerr Cancer program, which provides bright cheery pillowcase to seriously ill children. I hope mine are bright and cheery enough! The program has been nationally recognized by Martha Stewart Omni Media, Talbots, Bank of America, SVP Worldwide (Singer-Viking-Pfaff), Macy’s and St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children. How cool is that?