Monday, March 2, 2009

Hot off the Presses

Yesterday morning I finished a quilt for my friend Soraya. It is predominantly turquoise, gold, and black, as requested. I aim to please. :-) I machine quilted it around the insides of each patch and then did a zig-zag shape down the middle of the bigger pieces to conform with the stitching directions for the batting I was using.

I called the quilt Black Hills Gold. I was at a loss for a name so I typed "black turquoise gold name" (probably without the quotes) into the great Googley Moogley and the result was a page about the properties of this type of jewelery, which while it contains rose colors, seemed the most fitting.

I also recently started making pilowcases for the ConKerr Cancer program, which provides bright cheery pillowcase to seriously ill children. I hope mine are bright and cheery enough! The program has been nationally recognized by Martha Stewart Omni Media, Talbots, Bank of America, SVP Worldwide (Singer-Viking-Pfaff), Macy’s and St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children. How cool is that?

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