Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unintentional Urban Art (and some Urban Camoflage

I found some unintentional urban art on the street the other morning - I happened upon one of those mailing labels that are often tagged and then stuck up near the El or on newspaper boxes. I initially thought someone had done a little watercolor or drawn some cool spots on it, but it turns out that some rain from the night before had collected on the surface. I like the result!

While searching The Girl in the Green Dress the other day, I came upon this hilarious urban camoflage post! I trie googling it to find some other fun images like this, but a lot of the others involve intricately painted suits designed to blend into the background surroundings. I didn't like them as much - these below are more fun.
I've got Rosemary biscuits baking in the oven right now...I'll let you know how they were shortly!

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