Saturday, August 9, 2008

Inter Alia, Icehouse on the El

The sewing machine is partially fixed, meaning just enough to do some basic projects, but not enough to do any quilting. The main problem now is a tension problem, but I seemingly have no speed regulation mechanism either, but that is nothing new. I am still on the hunt for a new machine - I hope to have that accomplished in the next month. Still, I was able to make some new sets of quilted note cards.
See my cute little "Atelier K" logo on the back???
I went to Maxwell Street last Sunday, and I got a shadow box for my sweat shop* and I also took this lovely little picture. I love the vibrant blues and reds and greens all mixed together, like a living urban landscape. Also recently thrifted, at a Salvation Army location that I'd never been to before (2 floors and some not so thrifty prices somewhere around Goose Island, possibly this location) was this gem of a vintage serving tray. Despite my claim of high prices, which I still stand by, this baby was a mere 45 cents! Score! It loves its new home already.
This vintage lightswitch plate was also recently "thrifted" in that I took it from my Gramma's dining room. I was hoping to install it in my bedroom, but it turns out that every single light switch in my apartment is of a larger variety, so it will have to be installed in my old bedroom at my parent's house.
And last, but certainly not least, this is what I surreptitiously took a picture of on the El at 1:45 this morning - this man had an Icehouse in the water bottle holder on his bicycle - if nothing else, this guy is a dedicated drinker!*"The Sweat Shop" is my roommate's affectionate name for my cozy little studio/workspace. And I do mean cozy, in every sense of the word.

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Alissa said...

I have a very bad habit (that I do love so) of stealing silverware from places I eat with nice forks and spoons, so long as they are very, very small. This habit has also shifted a bit into wanting to "take" from people's homes that I know, even worse morally speaking, so I do approve of snatching that light plate. Even if it was a gift...

Jake and I got some cool outlet plates once a long time ago in Chicago, none of them fit anything and that spoiled my craving for something attractive to cover the on/off switch. Boo, on the other hand, thinks it is very funny to jump up and turn the lights off.