Friday, July 25, 2008

Chicago Style

So, this is how we do it Chicago style. I present my Chicago Flag Quilt:

I finished this quilt a few weeks ago for my sister's boyfriend. We worked together to come up with the Chicago flag idea. He also requested that I put a pocket on the back, so there is indeed a pocket!
Here are some Chicago style carrots that came from the garden this weekend:

And finally, here is the project I completed today, using the TipNut tutorial for how to print on fabric. I am thinking of also using this method for quilt labels, although it seems a little impersonal, however fancy and time saving it may be.

Projects in the works: installing a light over the kitchen table tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, acquiring buttons for a new brooch project, fixing a dress that became too trendy, and getting 4 AA batteries for my hand-held sewing machine. Maybe writing these here will keep me on track...


Alissa said...

Did you do the old iron the Freezer paper to the fabric and run it through the printer trick? My mom did a really awesome art piece doing that, window images on silk sewn together and when displayed in the light they are transparent. Was in a show in Oregon. Anyhow, I like your cards (if that is the right word).

I quite like the "fixing the dress that became too trendy" project, would love to see images of that.

My apron came home when I packed up my studio at VCU last week, it will move on the new space.

Kelly said...

Yes, I ironed the freezer paper to the fabric and then put it through the printer. I was making tags for my sets of quilted cards, but I am looking forward to trying this for other projects too.

Pictures of the dress shall be forthcoming.