Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three Quilts and Tea

Quite a busy few weeks quilt-wise lately. I still have a color wheel quilt in the works for my friend Maggie, but it is on hold while I work out a problem I'm having with it. However, I finished the quilt top for my friend Soraya's quilt. Here is a sample of the turquoise, gold and black beauty:
I also finished the quilt top of a blue and yellow quilt, but I have no one in particular in mind to gift this one to yet. Here is a sample of that one:

I also actually finished (in record time) a quilt for my roommate's friend who is having a baby. The pink side is the front, and the green paisley is the back. It is edged with eyelet lace.

Lastly, I have fallen in love with the Marani tea from Tea Gschwendner. I was actually looking for a tea akin to the Queen of Babylon tea from Teavana, and the Marani stacks up well. It is far cheaper, and has a more rounded, less sweet flavor. Brew me up a cup!

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