Wednesday, January 7, 2009

X-Mas Craft Time

Welcome to the belatedly posted holiday edition of my somewhat infrequently-posted blog. My mom requested a winter-themed holiday runner for the kitchen table, and even went out and bought fabric for the project, so I was more than happy to oblige. The result was so outstanding that I was commissioned to make a second one for my sister's boyfriend's mom. Here is the one I made for my mom:

Also, my sister's boyfriend, Ev, was quite taken with an away message of mine ("Make art. Or toast. Whichever comes first.") and wanted to have it stenciled onto a tee shirt. I suggested that he do a freezer paper stencil (an excellent tutorial of which can be found here), and he suggested that it be out Christmas craft done before dinner at my mom's house. So, although my sister neglected to participate, Ev and I made some fine looking tees, as evidenced below. Mine is a revolver, which was supposed to look like I have it tucked in my waistband, but the picture doesn't quite do it justice when I'm wearing it.

Lastly, I had been looking to do this project for awhile, and then I found the perfect frame a friend's give away bin. I covered a piece of foam-core board with fabric, and then inserted it into the frame, which now provides a perfect, beautiful storage space to my ever-growing collection of (mostly) vintage brooches.

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