Sunday, February 22, 2009

Descartes' Angle

Apparently 42o is the angle at which a rainbow can be seen, so I have called my rainbow quilt "Descartes' Angle" which is also sometimes known as the "rainbow angle." Click here for a scientific explanation, because that's all you're getting on it from me...

Although the back is rather plain-seeming, I quilted it in corresponding rainbow-hues, so you can also see a rainbow of stitching on the back.

I guess I have just been feeling rainbow-ey lately.

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Libby said...

This is going to seem creepy and stalkery, but I totally favorited this quilt on Etsy and was BEYOND SAD to see it completely disappeared. I can only assume it's not for sale anymore?
Or maybe it is?
And I can still buy it?
Let me know.
Perhaps this will just have to be one of those things that teach me not to procrastinate. Also, how awesome that I was able to find this by searching for Descartes Quilt?

Regardless, you are an amazing talent and I'm happy to take this opportunity to tell you.

Thank you so much!